Wednesday, August 09, 2006


My son Memphis is 8 weeks old today. 8 weeks old and almost 12 pounds. He's already growing up too fast. I never thought I would love having a boy so much. I know he's not ready for guitar lessons or his first sports car just yet, but he is somehow different than my girls were at this age. I can just tell he has a boy personality. Maybe it's the total dependence on me, a woman. Or, the whiney, helpless attitude. Or maybe it's that he expects me to provide for his every need without complaint. Well, I've gotten off track here...

Of course because he is my son I am more than happy to provide for his every need and listen to all the whining. And the whole time I will be thanking God for this wonderful blessing. Having a boy is a wonderful thing.

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Blogger Nicole said...

You can also tell he's a boy because he poops and burps alot.
(Thanks for the plug, BTW)

8/11/06, 8:46 PM  

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