Saturday, March 19, 2011


Our iHome has been invaded by an iArmy of colorful iPods.

It all started when an iFriend gave me an iPod mini back in iOctober. iBrad loved it and lamented having broken his non-iMP3 player months before.

So, his iBirthday was coming in iDecember and i thought he might enjoy a cute little Shuffle. It is green and it's iName is Dreadz.

iBrianna and iMeyson thought it was so iCool, they began relentlessly pelting us with iRequests for their own iPods for iChristmas. They got their iWish.

iMeyson received a silver one and named it iSpaz. iBrianna's is blue and is so wonderfully named DespicableI. iLove it!

Apparently watching them rockin' out to their iMusic all the time made iCody and iCarson yearn for thier own iPods.

iCody just procured hers. An orange one, dubbed Herbert the Sherbert. Note the lack of i. :)

iCarson doesn't know it yet, but she will be opening a brand new, pink shuffle on her iBirthday. i hope she names it PinkI.

All of the needless i leaves me loving my iPod's name: iPuke.



Blogger kstrong38 said...

ilove it. You are so awesome Megan. Love you

4/22/11, 9:39 AM  

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