Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Who's The Parent Here?

Today was a lovely day. Finally. It's been a long, cold winter and all the kids want to do is play outside. I hate telling them they can't go outside so I was very excited to say YES today when they asked.

We grabbed the bikes and scooters and headed to the front yard. They were about to take off when I reminded them that they needed to wear their helmets. Carson said, "Mom, do I really need to wear my helmet? I'm just gonna ride my scooter." I told her that yes, she must wear her helmet and she wanted to know why.

I should have resorted to the old standard, "Because I said so," but instead I said, "In case you decide to jump the curb." Of course.

Now Carson is only 5 and really doesn't know what it means to jump the curb so I had to explain. She looked sideways at me with her big, brown eyes and said very seriously, "Mom, is that really acceptable?" it's not. Not for a 5-year-old (unless it's Memphis!). Thank you for helping me gain some perspective sweet, sweet little daughter.



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