Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Word About My Kids...Again

I know that I've been sentimental about my kids lately, but they are all doing new and exciting things:

Cody, my five-year-old darling daughter, is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks. This has apparently caused her to become an insomniac. It's like playing 20 questions at bedtime, except it's 40 questions. Or 273 questions. It has also caused an appetite explosion. "Can I have two cookies since I'm a kindergartener now?" If that isn't logic, I don't know what is. In honor of this rite of passage, we had her ears pierced today. I think it was the first time she's ever tried not to cry. She's growing up so fast!

Carson, my two-year-old darling daughter, is in the midst of potty training. She is very excited about this because I am bribing her with beans. At least that's what she calls them. Most of the rest of America would call them jelly beans, but beans seems to work just fine for her. She is also working on overcoming a very strange and yet very real fear of blue vacuums. They are everywhere. They are conspiring to suck up her toys, her toes, her baby brother, you name it. In fact, whenever her baby brother cries, she can be found wandering and muttering to herself something about looking for the "foo bacuum" that is obviously terrorizing him. Oh I can already imagine the stacks of bills from the therapist we are going to have to hire.

Memphis, my eight-week-old darling son, well, he's just so darned cute right now! He has started smiling in the last couple of weeks. That means he has made the transition from blob of flesh with wailing sound effects to human being with an actual sense of humor. He thinks my face is much funnier than the camera though, so I have no proof of just how cute his little smile is. Probably a good thing because if I posted a picture of his gorgeous grin, I'd be reducing anyone who saw it to a blob of flesh with baby talk sound effects.

Do I ever talk/think/write about anything else, you ask? Well, stay tuned. Something non-kid related is bound to happen to me sooner or later.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Repeat after me- "We do not obsess about our children because we are boring. We obsess because we care." And because they're really cute.

8/14/06, 6:20 AM  

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