Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sharing is good?

My relationship with Carson is backward. It's no secret that she has been sleeping in my bed for about the last year or so, and that has never been a problem for me. She's little. She doesn't move much. And she hardly ever wets the bed. No big deal.

But tonight, she kicked me out of my own bed. I put her to bed and, being totally exhausted, I collapsed next to her planning only to be there for a few minutes. She sat up and stared at me and the following conversation took place:

"Are you going to sleep?"


"No Mom! It's not time for you to go to sleep."

"But I'm really tired."

"Then take your pillow to the couch and use the couch blanket to sleep there."

"Why would I sleep on the couch when I have a perfectly fine bed right here?"

"Because you can't sleep with me right now. Go to the living room Mom!"

This little ingrate has the nerve to kick me out of the bed I have generously shared with her for the past year. All I can say is I hope she doesn't think I'm going to share my blueberry waffles in the morning.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you gonna tell her, "Leggo my eggo"? Ok, that was lame.

I think my favorite line of the whole thing: "And she hardly ever wets the bed." LOL


6/7/07, 7:41 PM  

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