Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer, officially

This weekend we put up the above ground pool again. We've had such mild weather so far this year (global warming?) that it has only recently been warm enough to swim outside. The kids were very excited to jump in, but yesterday was stormy so today was the first time we actually got in.

For Cody and Carson it was pretty much what you would expect: happy screaming, splashing, choking... Yes, it seems that they have not yet figured out how not to inhale the water.

But the real fun came when Memphis got in. When he gets older I'm going to have a very hard time getting him out of the pool. He wanted me to let him go so that he could swim unrestricted. How do you explain sinking to a baby?

The best part though was after we got out. We were all sitting next to the pool drying off when we were attacked by ladybugs. It was so strange. They were everywhere. Anyway, one landed on my arm and started crawling around and I showed Memphis. He was amazed. He kept trying to grab it between his thumb and first finger. Of course, I knew that would only result in a very messy smear of ladybug so I put it on his arm instead. He watched it for several moments until it made it's way down to the tip of his tiny finger.

Apparently this was just what he was waiting for. He opened his mouth really wide, started moving his finger toward his mouth, and...

You don't really think I would let my son eat a ladybug, do you?



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