Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today Nana (my mom) bought Cody and Carson each a keychain. Cody had spotted them and she would just die if she didn't get one and Nana falls for that every time. So Cody's is a little duck that lights up and quacks when you push a button on its head. Carson's is a cow that mooos and lights up.

It wasn't long after we got home that Carson's cow stopped moo-ing. It was very traumatic.

A few hours later she picked up the cow, pushed the button and out of the blue that thing started moo-ing. You would have thought we had resurrected a real pet. She began screaming with glee, something about how she JUST KNEW IT WOULD START WORKING AGAIN IF SHE JUST LET IT REST FOR A LITTLE WHILE!! And, SHE WILL NEVER PUSH THE BUTTON SO MANY TIMES AGAIN! And, SHE WILL ALWAYS HOLD ON TO HER COW, FOREVER AND EVER!!

Then she turned to Cody and shouted, "CODY WE WERE RIGHT! IT'S WORKING AGAIN! GIVE ME A HIGH FIVE!"

It was a very precious moment.

And then Cody said, "Hey Mom, isn't tomorrow your birthday?"

And I replied, "Yes, I suppose it is."

And then she asked, "So are you gonna be like 70...?"

To which I exclaimed, "Excuse me, but I am no where near 70!"

Moment over.

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