Friday, March 28, 2008

Well, I Guess You'll Just Have To Wait

I began a post this evening about Memphis and Meyson that was to include some pictures of them together, but apparently blogger had other plans. The photo adding button is not working. I realize that there is probably a more technical term for "photo adding button," and I also realize that there are other ways to do that, but I'm way too lazy to figure that out. So, you'll just have to make do with an ordinary post.

How about another one that contains some "Carson-isms," as they have come to be known around here. She was just full of it on Easter Sunday.

She was having a casual dinner time chat with Nana (my mom) when she suddenly felt the need for a little small talk. She looked at my mother, a mother of three with whom Carson spends a lot of time, and asked, "Do you have any kids?"

At my mom's that day, there were some people that Carson had never met before. As we were leaving I told her to say goodbye to everyone. She came to me a few minutes later and, as if she were telling me a secret, said, "I even said goodbye to those people I don't know. Come here, I'll show you who they are."

And last but not least:

We went from my mom's house to Brad's mom's house where Carson told Mamaw the story of how she got her fingers slammed in a door a couple of months ago, and yesterday her nail had finally fallen off. Mamaw said, "Were you scared?" And Carson replied, "No, I was freaked out!"

Just so you know, normally I would just give up and try again tomorrow if a blogger feature wasn't working. But, I could not do that tonight. I have to keep my mind busy until I am so utterly exhausted that I have no other choice but to fall asleep sitting up. I have read all of the blogs I read, done some searches for books I've been wanting to read...I have even done three loads of laundry in the last four hours! That's desperate.

Why am I desperate? Because Brad and I put an offer on a house today. A real house that may be our very own home in about thirty days. The magnitude of it is exciting and unnerving at the same time. What do you mean I can paint the walls any color I want? We can bring the dog without paying a deposit?!? The roof caved in on the water heater causing a catastrophic flood and we are responsible for the repair? Bring it on.

I'm biting my nails waiting for a reply. I am NOT good at waiting (except when it comes to knowing the sex of my unborn child) so this is killing me. So, if you are not busy, give me a call. I'll talk your ear off until you tell me to shut up.

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