Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Thrill

As a parent, I'm never really sure how much of what comes out of my mouth actually sticks in my kids' brains. Sometimes I feel like I could talk all day long and they would never hear a word I say. Wait...that is what happens! Cody and Meyson are especially exasperating because I can physically make them look me in the eye when I tell them something and five minutes later they won't even remember having talked to me.

But, I did get some validation today. Last week we had a small unit on eyes and sight. We talked about how the eye should work, read a simple biography on Helen Keller, and even made our own Braille out of salt dough.

Today while riding in our humongous new car (more on that later), Meyson told Carson to look at the sun. Carson immediately said, "Meyson, do you want me to be blind like Helen Keller?" to which Meyson laughed and replied, "No." And Carson said, "Then don't teach me to look at the sun!"

I was cracking up in the front seat, silently celebrating the victory of knowing that one of the kids remembered something I taught her about. Just enough fuel to keep me going for awhile.

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