Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Cody has decided that Brad should be giving her and Carson Spanish lessons. Yesterday she made them books for the lessons that say "Cody's Spanich Buck" and "Carson's Spanich Buck." Carson thinks she already knows the language and can frequently be heard saying things like, "quantanos" and "cinco seisy ocho." Her accent is actually quite good, her word usage? Not so much.

Brad suggested I find a curriculum and I reminded him that if I were to teach this particular class, that the children would end up speaking Spanish with a Texas accent. He said he thought that Carson's accent was already perfecto. Of course she thought this was worth repeating. Again. And again. And again.

A challenge was in order, so Brad said, "Yo quiero aprender a hablar Espanol muy bien." She replied, "I can't say that."

Guess we'll be writing that one in the Spanich bucks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spanich!!! LOL!!! That's too funny. She's one-up if she's already interchanging the "ch" and "sh" sound. lol.

When Elizabeth took spanish at school, her teacher used a notebook that had printable flashcards. It was pretty good. I'll look for it tomorrow.


p.s. cute easter pics!

3/26/08, 12:23 PM  
Blogger Mother Ring said...

Maybe Spanich will be the follow-up to "Spanglish?"

I love kids!

3/26/08, 3:18 PM  

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