Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Name

Brad and I have baby names picked out. We have had a girl's name for quite some time, and finally settled on a boy's name a few weeks ago. The trouble began when we decided that we love the boy's name so much that it makes us very sad to think about not using it if the baby is a girl.

So, I began my crusade to convince Brad that it's ok to name a girl using a boy's name. I've done it twice. And I don't regret either decision. Also, Memphis was going to be Memphis whether he was a boy or a girl, so it would be ok to do that again, right?

I could see the problem if I was suggesting that we name our boy Sally or Mary (so sorry for offending you if you are a guy with either of these names...really, they're very cool names...seriously) or something like that, but this is totally different, right?

I could get hostile and remind him that I'm the one sacrificing my body to bring this kid into this world and I have every right to demand name privileges, but I'm waaaayyy to sweet to do something like that, right? Ok, don't answer that one.

I have to detour for a moment. Bear with me please. I had every intention of posting our name choices here when I began this entry. But as I write, my paranoia is kicking in as I imagine every expectant parent reading our names and realizing what incredibly brilliant people we are for coming up with such amazing names. They will wonder where we've been all their lives and one by one they will use our names until every child born in America between now and September will have the exact. same. name.

Ok, ok, my sanity is returning now. I will pose one last question. One that I very much want your opinion (if you agree with me...) on. Silas is not too masculine to be a girl's name, right?

And just for a little incentive, I'll post full names soon.

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Blogger Mother Ring said...

I don't blame you for being paranoid. We hardly told anyone Moses' original name (and still don't in case we use it this time around). Part of it is the fear of name theft and the other part is that people will hate it and try to change our minds.
I like Silas for a girl or a boy. I'm a fan of the not-so-knew-but-strangely-new names and love when they cross traditional gender boundaries. Kudos.
And, I promise not to steal it.

3/21/08, 10:47 AM  
Anonymous erica said...

I know a girl named Mica...her parents left the H off in an attempt to make it more feminine. Honestly, I think it makes it more confusing, and she is most definitely a Mica. Silas is a good one, and really, I think it fits your family well.

I do have to say I'm really glad Memphis was a boy, because I have a hard time with that one for a girl ;)

3/30/08, 8:59 PM  

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