Friday, February 29, 2008


Today I witnessed one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. While Brad isn't Memphis' biological father, he is the only father he's ever known. He calls him Daddy and delights in receiving Brad's attention.

This afternoon was lazy for us. Brad and I were laying in bed watching the American Idol recap on the laptop, the girls were playing in the living room, and Memphis was napping. When he finally woke up, I brought him to the bed to hang out with us while he regained his wits.

All of a sudden, he turned to Brad, whispered, "I love you," and leaned forward to give his Daddy a kiss. My heart was joyful as Brad's eyes filled with tears. My boy has a Daddy.

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Blogger karin said...

that is the sweetest thing ever!!!

3/2/08, 5:32 AM  

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