Friday, April 04, 2008

Tooth Terror

Cody's two front teeth have been loose since before Christmas. We teased her then that she may have to "with uth a merry Crithmuth." One thing you have to realize about Cody is that she is truly terrified of pain. It literally takes three people to hold her down at the doctor's office to give her a shot.

As a result, those teeth have just been sitting there loose in her mouth all this time. Finally one of them began to give way this past week. We have all been extremely patient with her while she shows us how much more wiggly it is while refusing to let anyone near her.

Tonight I couldn't handle it anymore. The tooth was literally hanging out of her mouth. I made a deal with her that if she could pull the tooth out in the next ten minutes that the whole family could go out for ice cream. Didn't take long before everyone in the house was cheering her on.

Every time I gave her an update on the amount of time she had left, she would totally freak out. So, I quietly decided to give her a little more time; mostly because I really wanted some ice cream.

An hour later I got a little impatient. I told her to just sit still while I pulled it out. I expected some resistance, but she just turned her little tear-stained face to me and said very pitifully, "Ok, but someone is going to have to hold me down."

So be it. Meyson held her arms to her side while I gripped her tooth with a paper towel. Again, I expected a little resistance, but that little tooth just slid right out.

She is now known as the ice cream hero.

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Blogger karin said...

you better post some new pix so we can see the little toothless "hero". hehe.

4/5/08, 5:05 AM  

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