Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wardrobe Confusion

A couple of days ago we noticed that our air conditioner wasn't working very well. It hasn't been unbearably hot, so I didn't freak out too bad when our property management company didn't answer the phone yesterday. Then today, it was kind of wintry again and we needed a little heat. Well, turns out that isn't working either. This is a much bigger problem for me and I made sure we got a work order in today to get it fixed. As is typical for property management companies, they are taking their sweet time in getting someone here.

When bedtime rolled around tonight, I told the kids to put on warm pajamas because it is going to be cold tonight. Here's Carson's interpretation:

Well, at least one foot will be warm. And her little noggin.

Unrelated, but still pretty funny:

I think every kid has a picture just like this one. He's very proud of himself.

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