Wednesday, June 25, 2008

From The Mouths and Fingers of Babes

I suppose some of you have come over from Nicole's blog after reading about my darling Carson's plans for the future. She apparently has become quite the little eavesdropper. And, in Brad's defense, his recovery has been somewhat slowed by the unrelenting activity of Memphis.

But, I will go ahead and take this opportunity to share a little conversation between Carson and Claire. Probably Claire's attempt to retain her throne of things that make people die laughing.

Nicole and I took all of the kids to Krispy Kreme (they should be paying me for all this advertising) for a tour of the place. It's actually pretty neat and it's short enough to hold the kids' attention. And you get a dozen FREE donuts. Can't beat that.

When I picked them up from VBS, Carson and Claire informed me that they had donuts as part of their dinner there. I remarked on how they must be getting sick of donuts by now and then:

Claire: "If you eat too many donuts, you get sick."

Carson: "They didn't make me sick, but if you eat your boogers then you get sick."

Claire: "Well, I don't get sick when I eat my boogers!"
Of course not! It is possible that Carson's nasal excretions hold more infectious material than Claire's.

And I have one last little morsel of profane humor for you today. I have a sweet, wonderful, innocent baby girl who, apparently, had been pushed too far on this particular day.

Ok, I'll stop taking your picture for Pete's sake. No need to get hostile.

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Blogger lfhcreative said...

Silas is learning to flip the bird a little young! Of course her sister is learning about effective family planning a little young too :)

Silas looks wonderful!

6/25/08, 1:07 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

The picture is hilarious, and she has the expression to match. "Like mom, if don't get the #$#@# out of my face with that camera, you're gonna get it."

6/25/08, 6:47 PM  

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