Friday, September 05, 2008

I Told You Funny Would Return

I know, I know, it's been a long while. Sorry. Would you believe that I've been busy lately?

Anyway, I'll make up for it with a couple of Carsonisms.

Sunday morning I was getting myself ready for church. I pulled out a pair of pantyhose (yes, I own pantyhose) and began to inspect them for runs as I just don't wear them very often. Enter Carson:

"Wow! Your tights are big, Big, BIg, BIG, BIIIGG! Mom, those are some big tights!"

Yes, thank you.

And then later I was applying my makeup which, I suppose, I should do more often. Enter Carson again:

"I'm glad you are putting make-up on Mom. Then you won't be scary, scary, scary!"

Thanks again. Where, by the way, did all of this emphasis come from? Really, it only serves to add insult to injury that my hose are big times four instead of just plain big. And you thought I was self-conscious before.



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