Friday, July 18, 2008

Lemonade Anyone?

Brianna, Cody, and Carson have been begging to have a lemonade stand for about a week. The weather had other plans. But today we finally had a nice day and they were very excited. Brianna came up with the idea of having a "wacky" theme for their stand, hence the costumes. If you look closely you can see a very unhappy Memphis trying desperately to join the fun.

The scene was pretty adorable. Every time a car passed, Cody ran around hollering like an Indian, Carson would do the hula, and together they would shout, "Buy some wacky-tacky lemonade!" When I finally liberated Memphis, he would raise his arms and shout with them, only his sounded more like, "Ahhhh-da-da-ba-doo-ma!!" Or something like that.

I guess their gimmick worked. They made $11.50 in just over an hour. Not too shabby.

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