Saturday, September 20, 2008

Soccer, Siblings, and Spectacles

I finally downloaded the pictures from my camera. Some of them have been on there for a month. That's really bad, I know.

A lot has been happening with Brianna especially. She was having some headaches and our pediatrician suggested that we take her to an optometrist. Sure enough, she needed glasses.

She looks pretty cute, huh? She had mixed feelings, partly excited for something new, and partly nervous about how she would look in glasses.

I like her new look. I think the glasses actually bring out her eyes and her exuberant personality.

Meyson is a little more camera shy.

They both love Silas very much and are wonderful siblings for her.

Brianna has started playing soccer and she loves it. AND, despite never having played before, she is really good at it. She is by far the most aggressive player on her team, which is a good thing. We can see her confidence level rising with every game and we can't wait to see her progress through the rest of the season.

She shoots...


So, there you go. The latest. Oh wait, one more. The cutest smile ever:

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