Friday, October 31, 2008


A few weeks ago, we noticed that we had a visitor outside one of the windows in our homeschool room. He (we decided it was a "he" not because of anything having to do with his anatomy, but because none of us were excited about the thought of baby Georges) built his giant web there and has been camping out waiting for...well, hopefully for food and not because he really likes us.

George arrived at an opportune time, as we had just been discussing how spiders eat. Since the kids have seen Charlotte's Web, they know that spiders drink the blood of other bugs they catch. But, they wanted to know what happens to the rest of the bug's body. I had no idea and when George showed up, I was doubtful that he would provide the answer.

Fortunately for our little homeschool, he proved me wrong. One morning, George caught a fly in his web and we watched as he wrapped it in web, carried it to the center of his web, and proceeded to eat the whole thing.
Cody and Meyson were fascinated with watching the show. This is when Meyson named him George and I became grateful for a little real life science added into our curriculum. I began to wonder what else George would show us. But the next day, he was gone and we haven't seen him since.
This has Meyson and I a little on edge. We really liked George when we knew where he was. Now that he has vacated his web, we are a little worried that he may have liked all of the attention he was receiving and come inside for a closer look at us. In fact, sometimes at night I have to whip the covers off because I just know George is crawling up my leg.
You can see here how he compares in size to Cody's hand:
These pictures were taken through a double paned window, so he is even bigger than he appears.
If you happen to see George, don't send him home. He was fun and educational for a while, but I do believe I am over it.

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Blogger karin said...

i don;t think i have ever seen a spider eat something before. must have been cool for the kids to see, but i think i would be freaking out. but you know me with spiders ;o)

11/1/08, 4:56 AM  

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