Saturday, October 11, 2008

Silas' Take, Part 2

Hello again. I am four months old now and I'm doing so much more than I was the last time we talked. I weigh a solid 15 pounds now, though my feet haven't grown at all. I know because I found them the other day and I can almost put one whole foot in my mouth. My toes taste really good.

Also, my mommy started feeding me rice cereal. It's wonderful! The only problem is that my mommy is a little slow in getting the bites to my mouth. I find that it helps if I scream at her between every bite.

My mommy and daddy get so excited when I'm trying to do something new. They say things like, "Go Si!" and, "You can do it!" It makes me nervous so I decided I'm only going to do new things at my nana's house from now on. A few weeks ago, I rolled from my tummy to my back at Nana's and I made it look so easy that Nana thought I had already done it before. She didn't scare me with her yelling or anything. My mommy was sad she missed it.

That was so much fun that I decided to wait until I went back to Nana's to roll from my back to my tummy. I did that one after Nana put me to bed. My mommy was sad again and she told me I wasn't allowed to go to Nana's anymore.

I think my hands are possessed. They are always flailing around creating mischief. Sometimes they take my pacifier out of my mouth and I concentrate really hard to get them to put it back in, but they just won't do it. And watch out if you get close to me because they will reach out and grab your hair! I try to make them let go, but usually my mommy has to pry my fingers open. Sometimes my hands pull my dress or my blanket over my face and I freak out because I think I can't breathe. My mom has to help out then too.

Laughing is one of my favorite things to do right now. I just learned how. I laugh when my daddy laughs. He's a funny guy. And Meyson is funny too. I just love to stare at him and smile.

My little blond brother doesn't bother me too much anymore. Mostly because my mommy hovers really close when he gets near me. He is sometimes very sweet to me and kisses my head. I think he loves me a lot.

My sisters all think I'm a doll or something. They tote me around and wrap me in blankets and put stuff in my hair. Then I hear my mommy say, "Silas is not a doll," and she comes and rescues me.

Speaking of my hair, do you know what an afro is? My mommy says I'm going to have one soon and I've never seen one so I don't know what to expect. She says it's because my hair is getting so curly. Mommy likes to play with it and I love it when she does that.

Anyway, I think my mommy was joking when she told me I couldn't go to Nana's anymore so next time I'm there I'm going to try to sit up or walk or maybe drive the car. I'll let you know how it goes. Bye!



Blogger Lindsey said...

She's getting so big! Her curls are such pretty ringlets already--I can't wait to see it grow out!

10/12/08, 9:21 AM  
Blogger The everyday said...

she's so cute! And I'm sure Jake can relate on the woody hat issue! She's such a lucky little sister to have all those loving big sisters and brothers!

10/12/08, 3:19 PM  
Blogger karin said...

OMG! Look at those curls! She is so cute!

10/14/08, 7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd better believe she's coming back to Nana's house again!!!! And she can do whatever she wants!
Betcha can't guess who posted this!

10/20/08, 1:36 PM  

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