Sunday, October 19, 2008

Total Freak-Out Deluxe

Some of you know how attached Memphis is to his blanket. In a previous post, I wrote about how he was attached to four blankets. Thankfully, he has cut down on the bulk. He still sleeps with all four, but we only have to cart the green one with us everywhere we go.

And I do mean everywhere. I am constantly grabbing it from him while we walk across parking lots and stores so it won't get so disgusting, but with as much abuse as it takes, it's pretty much always dirty. I'm pretty sure his teacher at PDO thinks I am an unfit parent.

This morning, we went to church. Then we went home to change clothes before going to my mom's house for lunch. Somewhere in the fray, we lost track of the blanket. Normally my first rule is: Grab the blanket, then the kids. After all, if we lose one of the kids, chances are someone will return them. If someone found the blanket, they would probably pick it up with a stick and drop it in the dumpster, which would be a tragedy. Today my brain was on vacation.

Memphis WILL NOT sleep without the blanket. One time when we misplaced it in our house I just put him to bed without it when I got tired of searching for it. I learned quickly that sleep with no blanket is not an option.

So, I began my search and rescue mission. I looked in every nook and cranny of the car and checked all of his usual blanket hiding place in the house. I had Brad on a mission to check out church while my mother conducted a thorough inspection of her home.

We were coming up with nothing and I was beginning to feel faint and queasy. I'm not sure the store where we bought the blanket carries them anymore, and even if they do, I'm not sure that Memphis would accept a replacement that is not worn and smelly.

In desperation, I reminded my mom that Memphis likes to shove his blanket into little places. One time we found it crammed into the under seat compartment of his Diego ride-on car.

She went on another sweep-through and amazingly discovered the blanket! It had been stuffed into a large, pink Barbie motor home. Apparently Memphis thought his blanket needed a vacation. Me too.



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