Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Baby's Name

Two weeks from today I will not be pregnant anymore. I will be physically exhausted, but I will welcome that exhaustion. Brad and I will be new parents again and new parents together for the first time. We will be holding our new addition and fighting over who she looks like. I promised to post our name choices here, so here goes:

If Memphis is to have a little brother, his name will be: Silas Christopher

If another daughter will be joining us, her name will be: Silas Nicole

Thank you all for your thoughts on names. All comments were thought over carefully. Carson tells me that she "just knows" it is going to be a girl. I agree with her, even though I have thought at times that it might be a boy. Having a boy would certainly simplify the room sharing situation around here, but girls are more fun to shop for. Of course, we will love our little Silas either way.

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Blogger Nicole said...

Remember when you bought all those pink clothes for Memphis and then found out he is a boy? I'm just sayin'...
I can't wait to meet Silas. :)

5/13/08, 4:10 PM  
Blogger Everyday stuff said...

UMM.... you said "will be fighting over who SHE looks like" you must really think its a girl! Thats wonderful that you've picked out the spelling and the middle names to go along with them! I hope everything goes fast and is super boring!

5/13/08, 6:07 PM  

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