Monday, May 12, 2008

More Tooth Trouble

I know we have more than our fair share of drama over tooth loss in this family. But, I guess if we must have some sort of drama, this is a relatively minor one. About a month ago I told the story of Cody losing her front tooth. Well, the other one has been loose since that time and, honestly, I was dreading the day it would be loose enough that we couldn't ignore it anymore.

That day was yesterday. We were in the car, running errands for baby stuff. Before yesterday we didn't even have diapers. Anyway, we began to get weary so we pulled into Wendy's for a frosty. Upon receiving hers, Cody began to cry inconsolably. She was afraid that if she ate it, her tooth would come out and she would accidentally swallow it.

Of course, she was so hysterical that it took us a good five minutes to figure out that that was the problem. It may have been one of the most ridiculous scenes I have ever witnessed. My seven-year-old daughter holding ICE CREAM at arms length and sobbing.

I love that girl to no end, but OH. MY. GOSH. JUST EAT THE ICE CREAM!!!

I decided then that the tooth had to come out and as soon as we got home I sat on her. That'll teach her to freak out. No, really, she wanted to be restrained last time so I was just obliging her wishes. Until she changed her mind, grabbed the paper towel from me, and pulled it herself. I don't know that I've ever been so relieved.

Unfortunately, it doesn't end there. It was Sunday and neither Brad nor I had any cash. Her lonely little tooth sat under her pillow, untouched, all night. This morning I made a point of going right in and telling her that the Tooth Fairy had called me this morning and told me that she had not realized that we moved. She went to our old house! Silly Tooth Fairy!

Cody laughed and rolled her eyes and was content to know that the Tooth Fairy promised to come to our new house tonight. Whew, get it together Mom. One of these days she's going to call my bluff and I'll be standing there like an idiot with my mouth open and drooling because there just isn't any other reaction that would explain the shut down in my brain. Sorry kid, your Mom's a dud.



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