Monday, April 21, 2008

Technology Taken Too Far

Brad and I sometimes find it hard to snag a few minutes away from all of the kids to just talk about nothing and, being newlyweds, we need time to talk about nothing. For some reason, if we get into a lighthearted conversation in front of the kids, they decide that it is the perfect time to lick each other on the face or kamikaze off the back of the couch or run around screaming gibberish or shout incoherent phrases containing the words "ice cream truck."

So, in order to get around this we sometimes IM each other from one room to the other. It's sad, I know. But, for some reason if the kids don't know we're trying to communicate with one another, their behavior is much better. Go figure.

Anyway, we found out today that we will be closing on our new house in one week and we could not be more ecstatic. We are reeling at the thought of finally owning our own home. It's inconceivable, really. So, here is our discussion tonight that started out being about the closing on our home:

brad: Should we see if someone can watch them for the closing?
me: yes, definitely
i bet nicole would if we give her ourcar
brad: It takes about 1 1/2 hour and is a lot of tedious paper sighning
GIVE our car?
me: yes...away...forever
me: we could get horses and a buggy
brad: And wear black and white?
me: and little bonnets
brad: I'd grow a beard (no mustache)
me: not sure we would still be permitted to IM
brad: We' start our own amish internet group!
me: bet that'd catch on quick
brad: get a chicken coup
Help our neighbors build barns
me: when chickens attack
you did mean coop, right?
brad: Junah wouldn't be much help
me: no, she wouldn't
brad: No I meant a mustang coupe
dressed like a chicken
me: isn't coup pronounced "coo" and used to describe a mutiny?
brad: Our house?
at bedtime
me: yes,like that

See, it gets out of hand really quickly. Maybe we should stick to the face to face kind of talking.

Oh, and by the way Nicole, can you watch the kids for us if we give you our car?

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Blogger Nicole said...

Yes, but I will gladly give the car back if the alternative is having to see Brad in a beard.

4/22/08, 5:55 AM  

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