Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lesson Learned

During the painting of the kids' room, Memphis' crib was on it's side and covered in plastic. I suppose we could have uncovered it at bedtime, but I wasn't too keen on the idea of having my asthmatic child sleep in a room that was saturated in paint fumes. So, I decided to let him sleep with Brad and I. It was really our only choice.

Have you ever tried to sleep with a tornado that never stops talking?

He was up much later than usual so I thought he would be so tired that he'd just conk out. Wrong. When we finally got him to sit still he kept chanting, "MA!....MA!....MA!....MA!" at the top of his lungs. This went on for probably ten minutes and nothing would make it stop. At one point, I even got about two inches from his face and said, "Stop saying MA!!" and it didn't slow him down one bit.

He finally dozed off and Brad and I were very relieved. Stupid. What Memphis did in his sleep made me realize that he's going to have to be in his crib for at least another six months. I didn't know that a person could be so active while sleeping. He thrashed around smacking Brad and I in various places all night long. He was on the pillow, then at the foot of the bed, then laying on Brad's head, then on my feet. I swear, it's no wonder the kid only weighs 22 pounds.

Of course, at some point, Silas woke up to eat and Memphis was also awakened. He lay there very quietly for a few minutes and then positioned himself directly over Brad's ear and said, "DOH!" I'm not sure I'll ever forget the response Brad gave from his half-comatosed state. He looked at Memphis and without missing a beat said, "Go to sleep, DOH!" I had to contain my laughter.

Anyway, we have learned our lesson. No more sleeping with Memphis.

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Blogger The everyday said...

lol I very much dislike L sleeping in our bed but when we were having all those late night storms a few weeks ago she was scared to death to sleep in her bed, so I compromised and I made her a bed on the floor and just tossed pillows all around so she would hit anything while she was sleeping and I slept great and so did she! BTW I love the room!

7/7/08, 3:15 PM  

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