Monday, November 10, 2008

Things Left Undone

You know you're a busy mom if:

Your 11-year-old glances at your shirt and says, "You are leaking. Or is that drool?" Or snot. Or vomit.

You forget to take your 7-year-old to ballet. Just totally forget.

You forget to pay the credit card bill so often that when the phone rings, your 4-year-old yells, "Don't answer it! It's Citigroup!"

You turn on a movie and wake up four hours later still staring at the menu.

You stick to the kitchen floor.

You lose a child in the laundry pile.

Your husband says things like, "I need clean t-shirts again," or "I've been craving tacos for like, a week now," just as you are reheating leftovers.

Just for the record, none of these things has ever happened to me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

MMMmmmmm, tacos...

11/14/08, 3:32 PM  

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