Friday, October 31, 2008

Why So Serious?

Meyson was The Joker for halloween. He and Brad went to see The Dark Knight a few months ago and they have both been talking about it ever since. It was very important to Meyson that his costume was as accurate as possible. He did a great job on his make-up and was delighted to receive several compliments as we were out and about tonight. Check out these pictures. I hope they put a smile on your face.

Brianna decided Sarah Palin was a little too normal for halloween night, so here she is as a dead prom queen.

Cody, Carson, and Memphis stuck with their original costumes except that I added a few streaks of color to Memphis's hair. Batman became Batpunk.

They all got way too much candy and will be on a permanent sugar high until Christmas when they will receive stockings full of...what else but candy? Yay!!!

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