Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ever lose a finger?

Apparently, making Christmas cookies was not something we were supposed to do this year. I really thought it would be a fun, memory making event for the girls. Instead they were left traumatized. The only success was that I made sure they would never forget this experience.

While making sugar cookie dough, Cody was in charge of the mixer while I added the flour mixture gradually. I did this while holding Carson with my left hand. The batter began to stick to the sides of the bowl so I grabbed a rubber spatula and began scraping.

It didn't take long for these two mixing elements to come in contact with one another. This caused the spatula to shoot through the beaters taking my hand with it. So, my right hand is stuck between two beaters that are straining to move again and my left hand is still holding my daughter.

This is the point where I began to realize what could happen to my hand and I very calmly ask Cody to unplug the mixer. Cody then runs screaming into the living room leaving me stranded in the mixer. Carson had also begun to panic and was clinging to me making it very difficult to put her down.

I finally get Carson to let go, unplug the mixer, extract my hand and get it under cold, running water. I don't know why. Anyway, there I am with my hand in the water while both girls are running around the living room screaming bloody murder. I mean it very well may have been the most dramatic scene that ever was.

Other than a little temporary numbness in my right ring finger and a bruised thumb, I came out remarkably unscathed. Although, I did somehow get a beater shaped indention on my left hand. I can't remember my left hand even being near the mixer.

So, you would think that after all this trouble it would be even more enjoyable to sit and devour all the wonderful cookies. Well it would have been, if the cookies had turned out edible. In keeping with the tone of the day, the cookies became permanently attached to the cookie sheet during the baking process and would only break off in smaller than bit-sized pieces. Lovely.

At least the kids had a good time using the cookie cutters!

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Blogger stephanie said...

This is why I don't "bake".

p.s. Pillsbury now makes a wonderful new product I like to call "mommy's to busy/dumb/baking uninclined to make cookies from scratch", aka refrigerated dough. I love it.

Seriously though, I'm glad you didn't lose a finger. That would have been horrible.

12/19/06, 2:55 PM  

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