Monday, November 20, 2006


I have been very disturbed lately by all the fallout from the incident where the woman was kicked off of an airplane for breastfeeding her baby. Now before you get all uppity with me, I know the baby was 22 months old (so what!) and I know the lady refused to cover up. I would have refused too.

It has been suggested that we don't know how she was acting on the plane, but I firmly believe that had she been flagrantly displaying her breastfeeding (which is not illegal, by the way) she would not have complied when they told her to deboard the plane. This woman was simply feeding her child.

It has also been suggested that her right to nurse ended the moment it infringed upon another's rights. Well this is just stupid! I'm not trying to be funny, it really is stupid! Since when are there limits on a child's right to eat? Since when does a stranger get to dictate when it is or is not appropriate to feed a child?

What are new mothers supposed to think here? If they make the decision to breastfeed their babies they may be punished for doing so. On the other hand if she decides not to breastfeed, she is guilt tripped by the hospital staff. Who do these people think they are? Is this not America? Do these children not belong to us? Am I supposed to let strangers decide what is best for my kids? Not this mom. I will continue to nurse my son for as long as we both want to and I will nurse him where ever we happen to be when he gets hungry or needs to be comforted.

Those of you who feel the need to make parenting harder on those of us who are doing our jobs: Put your efforts into locating baby rapers and child abusers. Find all the online pedophiles. Leave the rest of us alone.



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