Friday, December 08, 2006

Just don't teach them to read

I thought teaching Cody to read would be difficult and not fun. Well tonight she totally proved me wrong. We were learning together on this great website: Check it out. Anyway, we came to the lesson on "sh" when a series of words beginning with "sh" comes across the screen. Cody is doing well, successfully reading "shop" (that's my girl) and "sheep." The next word comes up and it is "she." My Innocent little child says, "sh*t," feels my breath catch, turns to look at me, and repeats, "sh*t." She truly has no idea that she has just uttered an expletive. She is waiting for my usual praise. Try as I might I could not hold in the laughter any longer.

I laughed until my stomach hurt. The whole time she keeps saying, "What, Mom? What's so funny?" Which only makes me laugh harder.

This learning to read stuff? Not so boring after all.



Blogger karin said...

that's a great website! thank you!! taylor loves it :o)

12/9/06, 11:34 AM  

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