Saturday, December 09, 2006


There are many things that make a friend a friend. There are several people whom I consider friends, but just a few that I consider best friends. You know, those people who will make a permanent mark on your life. They become more like your family. They are the people who when it has been more than a day or two and you haven't spoken to them, you start to miss them.

Friends make you laugh...

...until you cry.
Friends share everything...

elephants, fish,
and food, among other things.
Friends know when to back off,
and when to be silly.

Friends always watch over one another.

And, friends always have lots of pictures.

We really miss you, Karin and Taylor!



Blogger karin said...

geez, thanks! now i'm sobbing all over my keyboard! i really miss you all too!!!!!!!

12/9/06, 7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wahhhhh! I am trying to avoid thinking about her. Thanks alot, Megan. :) We really do miss you like crazy, Karin.

12/10/06, 7:14 AM  

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