Friday, June 29, 2007


Are you ready for another cute kid story? Well, you are already here so you might as well read it anyway.

Cody and Carson think it's lots of fun to rub lotion on my back. They put way too much on and then draw funny stuff in it and laugh together. And hey, I get a free back rub out of the deal so it's great fun for everyone.

This afternoon Carson was happily making pictures of various animals. I should mention that she was in her underwear which is pretty much the norm around here. Anyway, all of a sudden she launched herself onto my back and started sliding around on her stomach like a baby seal pup.

"Carson, what on earth are you doing?" (laughing)

"I wanted to rub the lotion in with my belly."

"You are a silly girl. I think I love you."



"I think you're weird."



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