Friday, January 18, 2008


Winter is seriously hindering my laziness. It makes so much more work for me. Leaving the house takes an act of Congress.

First, I must locate three coats. Then three hats. Thank goodness it's not cold enough for mittens because my children would have lost their hands to frostbite a long time ago if it was. After locating the outerwear, I must force the childrens' writhing bodies into them and convince them that if they take them off again they are going to be sorry. Thankfully nobody has yet asked why exactly they would be sorry. The answer would go something like this: "Because if you take off your hat then your ears will freeze off of your head and all of your hair will fall out. But that will come after you watch steam come out of Mommy's ears and witness the explosion of her brain."

We do all this preparation because we are going somewhere. Somewhere heated. And it doesn't matter that we might only be inside this place for 30 seconds. The hats and coats go flying. And the fact that I spent an hour doing everyone's hair that morning goes completely unnoticed because it is all standing straight up now anyway.

When it is time to leave, it is body stuffing fun all over again except this time we are in a public place. With an audience. People love to stare at a pregnant mom dressing three young children. And some of them can't help but come over to recount their own experiences with their children when they were young. Oh help.

I miss Summer.



Blogger Everyday stuff said...

oh gee megan...umm I do have a tip if you put a dryer sheet in their hats it will help the hair problem other then that I'm no good...!

1/20/08, 11:37 AM  

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