Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pediasure Anonymous

One day Memphis is going to have gained enough weight that the doctor will tell us that it's ok to stop giving him pediasure. He will then have to join some sort of support group to overcome his addiction.

He will not do anything in the morning until he's had his morning ration. No eating or playing, and Heaven forbid you try to change his diaper. The obsession lasts all day but was pretty easily managed by not opening the refrigerator when he was in the kitchen. Until he learned to open the fridge himself. A few days ago life became much more complicated.

Now anytime he gets a hankerin' for some pediasure, he just marches his tiny body into the kitchen, opens the fridge, makes his selection and presents it to me along with his sippy cup. If it were up to him he'd drink a whole six pack everyday.

The other day while at Target, I spotted their store brand pediasure and it cost about three dollars less per six pack than the brand name. I thought we might as well try it and see if he can tell the difference. I put them in the fridge right next to the "real" ones. It must not taste much different because he drinks it down in the same 3.2 minutes that it takes him to guzzle the brand name. But he does think they look inferior.

Meyson alerted me to the fact that Memphis was in the fridge and was organizing his favorite drink. Yeah right. My first thought was no way he could/would do that. See for yourself:

In the bottom left corner you will see the brand name pediasure bottles and in the top right corner, the Target brand ones. They all started out where the Target ones are. Can you say OCD? Ok so that's not really something to joke about, but what would make an 18 month old child do this? He cracks me up.

Incidentally, the refrigerator is not the only kitchen appliance that he is interested in right now.

Fun times.



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