Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dryer Woe

Memphis has four blankets that he sleeps with. He also likes to haul them around the house or wherever it is we happen to be going. Three of these blankets are chenille and they attract everything: dirt, dog hair, rotovirus, conjunctivitis...ok, to be fair I don't think they are actually harboring illnesses, but who knows? After a few days they really start looking bad. I usually pick a time in the morning on a good day (Memphis has bad days, some of you know first hand) to throw them all in the washer when I think he won't miss them for a couple of hours.

Why don't I just wash a couple at a time and let him hold on to the rest and wash them the next day? Because the presence of two blankets is unacceptable without the other two blankets. They are a set and don't you dare try to separate the set. They might miss each other and be forced into a deep depression. With all four gone, he may go searching for them for a little while but is usually easily distracted by "Cars" and will forget about them again.

Memphis just happened to walk into the laundry room the other day while I was transferring from the washer to the dryer and he of course spotted his wet blankets sitting in the dryer and began to pull them out. I let him feel that they were wet and told him they had to dry and I put them back in the dryer, shut the door, and turned it on.

What came next caused an earthquake that was felt by people three hundred miles away.

So when the fit finally came to an end, he picked himself up off of the ground and began searching for a way into the dryer. He tried opening the door, feeling around for any seam he could stick his hand into to pull the whole thing apart and rescue his friends. This went on for about half and hour when he finally gave up and came to let me know just how angry he was.

When he found me, he immediately turned his back on me and did his best to let me know that he was ignoring me. It was all very dramatic for an 18 month old to pull off, but he did it.

The reunion that happened when the dryer was done was like watching the fireworks display at Disneyland. He ran around clutching his hot blankets like he thought they were never coming back from the land beyond the dryer. We have nick-named him Linus and have come to terms with the fact that in seventeen years we may be packing these blankets to send to college with him.



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