Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Junah is our dog. We walked into a pet store in September to see a friend who volunteers there and we all fell in love with this very sweet and shy little dog waiting to be adopted. She had those sad eyes that let us know that in her short life she had been abused or neglected, maybe both. She wanted to trust us, but was very cautious. We decided we wanted to take her home (we did NOT go in there wanting a dog, in fact we had made it clear to the children that we could not have one), but they could not give her to us then because she had not been spayed yet. We went through a whole month of waiting for her.

First, she developed a cough that they thought might be distemper and did not want us to take her home and get attached just to have her die. Then, she got out of her foster home's yard through a hole in the fence. It just kept getting postponed. Finally we brought her home on October 6th.

She had been passed around so much that she must have thought we were just another temporary home for her but, after a week or so, she knew she was home and her true nature began to reveal itself.

To date she has chewed up 5 or 6 pairs of shoes, several stuffed animals, an entire sippy cup, many barbie hands and feet and countless IKEA bowls and cups. There are many other things that I have stopped her from chewing up just in time.

There are two big dogs in the yard next door and she thinks she can dig under the fence and go play with them. She's not exactly a small dog (about 45 pounds), but those dogs would eat her for lunch.

She has eaten more dirty diapers than I can count which makes me want to vomit. Yes, I pick them up. Yes, I put them in the big trash barrel outside. She still manages to find one now and then. No, I will not consider using an indoor diaper pail.

Junah loves the kids, but plays with them like she weighs 10 pounds. Memphis and Carson are constantly picking themselves up off the ground after she pounces on them. Memphis just looks around like, "What the heck was that?!," but Carson takes it personally and goes into all out wailing mode.

She is very sweet sometimes. We like calm Junah better than rambunctious Junah and we are hoping that she will grow out of her wildness. She is the perfect addition to this family as she blends right in, adding to the chaos and all.



Blogger Stephanie said...

Junah looks like our dog minus the one white leg and white-tipped tail, so I may be a little biased when I say that's one cute dog!

Smokie was a horrible chewer as a puppy, but thankfully has grown out of it...for the most part. So yeah, good luck with that;-)

12/19/07, 8:02 PM  

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