Thursday, January 31, 2008

Impending Doom

How many of you guessed that this post would be about Memphis? You win the grand prize for the day. I am neglecting the rest of the kiddos in my writing lately, but you know they just don't try to kill themselves as often as Memphis does.

Cody and Carson share a bunk bed. The ladder on this bed is removable and it is my job to make sure the ladder gets put away every morning. Every once in a while (ok maybe a little more often than that), I forget my job. Take this morning for instance. Brad had to fly to Dallas at 6:30 and Carson woke up with a fever of 103.8. Not exactly a great start to the day.

So anyway, in a little while I hear something screamed in baby jargon that sounds remarkably like, "Hey! Come get me down!" Now I can't prove that that is what he was saying, but at the time I heard that I didn't know yet that he was "up."

Sure enough, when I went looking for him, he was up on the top bunk and very excited about it. But he had left his beloved blankies at the base of the ladder and wanted them desperately. Much to his chagrin, I would not, could not just deliver his blankets and let his life continue to hang in the balance.

He had to come down. Fortunately, his blankie reunion was enough to lift his spirits again and he was off to find another way to terrify me.



Blogger karin said...

OMG! that sounds similar to the time i caught taylor sitting up on the ledge so she could watch tv! is this what i have to look forward to with preston?? if so, i will put a chain around his legs now! hehe. 6 more days!!!!!

2/1/08, 9:03 AM  

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