Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sorry To Rain On Your Water Stand

With seven people in this house, sickness tends to hang around awhile. It just passes around, taking it's time, making sure everyone is affected, and usually infecting the first one afflicted twice by the time it's gone.

Yesterday was my turn. Wow, I forgot just how badly a stomach bug can drain you. Even the Zofran was overtaken.

Anyway, Cody and Carson celebrated my naptime by erecting a water stand in the kitchen. Really, I shouldn't give Carson any credit for this marvelous idea, I'm sure Cody was the mastermind as she is the one who can reach the faucet. They had a large bowl full of ice and water and a ladle. When I entered the room, they were happily serving repeat customers Brianna and Meyson.

This might have been cute if they had not dirtied every cup and glass from the cupboard. And also if sickness wasn't still working it's way through the family.

So I, very calmly, said, "Sorry to rain on your parade, but this is not a good game choice. You must have permission before you may get ANY clean dish out for play use."

Carson looked at me like I'd really lost it this time. "Mo-om, it's not a parade. It's a water stand!"

Oh, ok. Sorry, I didn't realize. Please continue.

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