Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Naive Cook

I'm not sure how to describe my cooking style. I guess it could be "easy" or "mostly ordinary with something pretty good thrown in every so often." I go through spurts where I really like to try new recipes and spend more than 20 minutes throwing dinner together, but then I burn out. It is during these times that I am sure everyone grows tired of meatloaf, spaghetti, and tacos over and over again.

We've been becoming much more money conscious lately and Nicole gave me a recipe that cost her almost nothing to make. They had it for dinner and had a lot left over. There is no way that one chicken would ever feed our group, so tonight I have prepared two. I have NEVER before tried to cook an entire chicken. I have always bought frozen boneless, skinless breasts. Yes, this costs more, but honestly, when it was just the babies and me, I never noticed because two or three pieces fed us all.

Anyway, I knew that I was going to have to remove the "spare parts" from the inside of the chicken, but for some reason, I thought they were going to be encased in a bag of some sort. Why? I have no idea. I must have seen it done that way somewhere I guess, a turkey maybe? But, when I reached in there and pulled out, GASP, a naked chicken neck, I was a little surprised and a lot grossed out. Then came the liver (BLECH!) and something else that I did not examine closely enough to be able to identify it.

Rest assured, they are now sheathed in a plastic bag and have been deposited at the bottom of the trash can where they belong. I know there are those of you out there who will think that I have wasted "the best parts," and I invite you to come get them out of my trash if you wish; they are no more disgusting coming out of there than they were before.

It remains to be seen whether this recipe will end up on the frugal list for our household because even at $.89 per pound, the chicken still cost me around $8. If we don't have any leftovers (which is entirely possible) then this won't be any less expensive than our two and a half pound meatloaf and won't even begin to compete with spaghetti. If we do have leftovers, then it is likely that this recipe will join the ranks of our old standbys and begin earning it's share of "uuugghhh"s and "not again"s very soon.



Blogger Everyday stuff said...

I love to buy most of my chicken like this, and it is often on sale and then I stock up. But I always cook two or three at a time, because you can do so much with chicken so fast when its already cooked!I hope it turns out well for you, another recipe you can try is two lemons, juice and zest and I just throw the lemon in the dish with the chicken a couple cloves of garlic pressed or graded and rub that on the chicken it makes a wonderful light rub but the lemon well its my favorite part!

4/15/08, 3:18 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

Umm, you can buy the chicken without all those parts in there and it is the same price. Probably should have mentioned that sooner...

4/15/08, 4:59 PM  

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