Friday, April 18, 2008

A Glimpse Into The Not So Distant Future

Tonight we drove by our new home. I say that with very little hesitation based on the fact that there is a sold sign in the yard and we received our insurance policy today. We haven't actually closed yet, but I am trying this new optimism thing, remember?

Brad and I locked Meyson, Carson, and Memphis in the car in the driveway and went to check out the backyard to figure out the best placement for a dog run. We've seen how quickly Junah can destroy a yard and we have no intention of letting her mangle our new, more beautiful yard.

When we returned to the car Meyson was cracking up and telling us to get in quick and watch Memphis. They had been watching the teenager next door skateboarding in his driveway. Every time the kid caught air Memphis would giggle, but when the kid would fall Memphis would break out in full belly laughs.

He was having so much fun and I caught myself laughing along until Brad said, "You know that's going to be him before too long." You know what, maybe this isn't so funny after all.

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