Sunday, October 08, 2006


Oh how the best laid plans can be rendered useless by the author of those plans. Why, why, why?

Why do I insist on frustrating myself so badly. It's a good thing I don't have a husband to nag because he would surely leave me. You see, if I had a husband here I would be forced to blame the state of perpetual chaos that my house is in on him. It would only be logical for me to do that.

Last weekend I took on the monumental task of putting away our above ground pool for the winter. It had been almost empty out there for a few weeks and the sight of it was driving me crazy. But, of course, when I drained it I "didn't have time" to put it away so when that incredible dust storm hit the pool became caked with a layer of the most stubborn dirt known to man.

This caused me to have to wait longer to put the pool away because now I would have to clean it before I could put it away. Dang it!!!

So there I was, out there last weekend, slaving away. Squirting, scrubbing, and squirting some more. Well it's funny how children find these tasks amazingly mundane and demand attention in the middle of them. I managed to stave off the masses until they were writhing on the ground in pain from the hunger that tormented them.

You see, I had worked right through lunch time and we cannot have that. Children must eat 3 WHOLE meals a day with snacks in between. By eat I mean stare at food and poke around at it a little. My children absorb nutrients just by being near the food. That is the only explanation. They do not eat and yet they continue to grow.

Anyway, I really could have gone back outside after retrieving food for them, but did I? Nooooooo. Why? Because I no longer felt like it. It could wait until tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next day.

Here we are on the seventh day. Can I tell you what my procrastination has won me? After all my squirting and scrubbing? After all that labor that is only fit for a husband? Well, it is now raining outside. Yes, raining. And it's that very distinct pool soiling rain. I am so proud of myself I can't stand it.



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