Monday, October 02, 2006

Best of September 2006

September went by so fast. Memphis recognizes me, his sisters, his teacher, and Nana and Pops. On the 22nd he rolled over from his tummy to his back. Yay! Carson held a baby chick at the fair and promised not to squeeze it. She also had a standoff with a little lamb. Hopefully those pictures will turn out. Cody demonstrated her lack of rational thought as she asked me to go on a ride called the Kamakazie with her. A five year old with a death wish? Well thankfully I could blame our not riding it on the height restriction and not on the fact that Mom's a chicken. Fair pictures will follow, but for now here's the best of September:

Carson's first day of gymnastics

Memphis loves his thumb

Carson had a sick day- angel face

At church Cody was told to draw something that Jesus did. She really has been paying attention! (sniff, sniff...)

Oh...this one speaks for itself.

Carson often peeks at me over the computer when I'm pretending to do homework.

One of those rare, loving moments we parents live for.

"Be careful Mom, I might eat that camera."

Future race car driver

Cody with the class teddy bear "Ted"

Oh, and I get a bonus this month too:

It wasn't a watermelon!! (see August) It was an adorable baby boy who makes my tiny baby boy look like a giant. Look at that hair! It's red! Oh he is so sweet. Don't you just want to squish him?

Hope everyone else's September was as cute as ours!



Blogger Nicole said...

You had to make the hair comment... You owe us a dollar.

10/3/06, 7:41 PM  

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