Friday, October 20, 2006

Stay Away From Me

Way back when I was approximately 16 and 2/3 years old, I had a very minor fender bender with a parked car. The humiliating part? It was my best friend's car and she was in the passenger seat of my car as I careened backward into her driver's door. Lovely.

Since then my driving record has been perfectly clear minus a speeding ticket that I still resent.

Things began to fall apart on Tuesday afternoon when I was driving home with the kids in the car. I was cruising along at about 5 over the limit, which is pretty standard for me. Other people tell me I drive faster than that, but cruise control doesn't lie. Anyway I saw this crow flying straight into the path of my car. I began yelling, "Hey stupid crow, I'm driving here!" That made the kids double over with laughter. Then...The crow flew right smack into the front of my car. The kids stopped laughing and Cody started crying. I guess she thought I was supposed to swerve all over the road and endanger our lives to save the bird. And I'm sorry, but crows are disgusting animals.

I went on not really thinking anything of it except that if I were a crow and had the whole world to fly around in, I wouldn't choose a farm to market road as my stomping ground.

Then on Wednesday morning, I hit something much bigger than a crow. It was a truck. With a man in it. Dang. It was Carson's turn to cry. I'm pretty sure she thought we were goners.

So I've been thinking that surely my bad luck is over. Then today I was driving home from Target and another freaking bird flew out in front of my car. I think this one was a pigeon. I was going slower this time and I didn't say anything so that the kids wouldn't be further traumatized, but the tell-tale THUD gave it away. Two little heads began searching for what it was that we hit. So sad.

They say these things happen in threes. Does that mean I'm in the clear?



Blogger Nicole said...

HA! hahahaha. I told you that you drive too damn fast. Ummmmm- did the car repair people scrape off all the bird gunk, or do you hafta do that yourself?

10/24/06, 8:17 AM  

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