Friday, November 17, 2006

Mom Always Wins

Cody may just be the most dramatic five year old in existence. The child just does not do anything mundane. Everything must be a production or it is just not worth it. Case in point: It took me two hours, yes I said TWO HOURS, to change her earrings today. I know that I exaggerate a lot, but if anything, this is a conservative estimate of the amount of time it took.

It has only been the last few weeks that she's been allowed to remove them and she was convinced that the process of taking the earrings out would be comparable to having her toenails pulled out one by one. Poor thing, it must be exhausting having to make a huge scene out of every run of the mill situation.

I really thought that if I could just get them out then I could clean her ears really well and replace the earrings without a fuss. This is where you will realize that one of my faults is that I NEVER learn. I continue to make the wrong assumptions over and over again. It got so bad that at one point, this child was begging me to let her holes close and take her back to the earring store and make them shoot the earrings back into her ears. What? I must have said some variation of "That's so silly" or "You're being unreasonable" a thousand times.

She is not only the most dramatic, she is the most stubborn as well. But, she came by that one honestly and having a few years more experience, I won. Oh yes, I got those earrings back in those ears. And guess what? She LOVES them more than anything in the whole, wide world!!

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