Saturday, December 30, 2006

I may live to regret it, but...

We have a houseguest this evening. He is cute and sweet and he will be spending the night. Did I mention he only weighs about 12 pounds or so? It is his parents anniversary and they would like to be alone for the evening. Of course, like any other man he requires feeding, cleaning, and constant supervision. For the most part, he has been remarkably good. I am writing this into history tonight because who knows how I'll feel about this kid in the morning...;)

At first, he was a little worried...

Then he began to admire Memphis' hair.

Then he began to yearn for his own hair.

Then he decided to be really cute...

Don't worry mom, he did miss you a little.
But, then he felt better again.
Right now, his mother is thinking, "Why are you blogging about my child instead of watching him you crazy, crazy woman?"
Well, he's sleeping now. I would take a picture so you could see what a cute sleeper he is, but I'm afraid that he would no longer be a cute sleeper if I did. You'll just have to imagine it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wahhhhhhh! I miss my baby. I don't want to be alone! I want my baby back! (Those are some dang cute pictures. I had better get copies.)

12/30/06, 9:27 PM  

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