Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Best of December 2006

Is it January already? Dang, December went quick. Well, as one friend pointed out (thank you Erica), this is late. In my defense, I was in denial about December, period. Memphis had surgery and Cody was gone for two weeks. Not exactly a month to remember. But there were a couple of funny incidents...

I bought Carson some new underwear online and when it came in she said, "Oh, I actually have panties that fit me! It's a dream come true!" Because before then I was making her wear my underwear and they were huge on her let me tell you.

Memphis can now scoot across the room in less than 5 seconds. Don't be misled into thinking that you can leave him 10 feet away from the teeny tiny barbie shoes for 30 seconds to go pee (even if you really, really have to go) and he won't have had time to not only traverse the mountain range of laundry that is the living room floor, but also to use what poor fine motor skills he has to pick up one of those barbie shoes and...NO!!! "Memphis! Do not put that in your mouth!!" His response?

I took the kids' Christmas portraits, these are the best ones of Cody and Carson individually

And this is the best one of them together (Memphis isn't in these because he was still sleeping. If I had known how he was going to respond to having his Christmas picture taken, I would have just photoshopped him in later...also if I had photoshop.)

Memphis got this really cool toy for Christmas, but he has it confused with his mama.

Baby fresh from the bath, nothing better.

Cody's class has one heck of a room mother (not me) who made all of these little gingerbread houses for the kids to decorate. Cody took it very seriously. Can you say interior design?

Wild Man

This is what I'm going to go do now. Although that chair really gives me a stiff neck.

Happy New Year! My resolution? Take more pictures of course!

PS- I know that some of you will be curious to find out if I got a usable Christmas picture, so here it is. Not great, but given the lack of cooperation I experienced that day, just perfect.



Anonymous Erica said...

YAY! thanks :D I can't believe how big memphis is getting. He's so cute. The Christmas pics came out good too.

1/14/07, 2:10 PM  
Blogger stephanie said...

Your pictures are always so cute. My personal favorite: all three of them together with memphis crying and carson with her hand over her mouth. It's really an adorable picture.

1/19/07, 6:45 PM  

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