Monday, January 08, 2007

Counting my blessings

I can't help but be sad tonight about a tragedy that happened near here this weekend. A good friend of my brother lost his son today. His 4 year old son. The little boy was in the back seat of a truck buckled into a car seat when it was in an accident. He was on life support for a couple of days and today they let him go.

I am so heartbroken over this. You hear all the time on the news about children who are injured or killed in accidents, but when it happens to someone you know it just hits home. They are my age. Their children are the same ages as my children. I just cannot imagine the horror.

Everyday, I buckle my kids into their own car seats and I don't think twice. I trust that if we were in an accident, those seats would keep my kids safe. I take it for granted. When I heard that the little boy was in critical condition, all I could think was, "...but he was in a car seat, how could this happen?"

I guess it's because all the other accidents that I have heard of recently where a child is killed, the child was either not restrained, or was improperly restrained. I could set my kids apart from it because they are always properly buckled in. This little boy, however, was also. It scares me. I just cannot imagine losing one of my kids.

Even though this boy's car seat did not save him, I have decided to recheck and refit all of the kids' seats. They are just too precious to take any chances. I know my brother's friend and his wife never thought this could happen to them. I intend to make sure that my kids are as safe as I can possibly make them. And then I intend to pray that God will watch over them every minute of every day.


Anonymous Erica said...

that is really heartbreaking. We really do just take for granted that we had our car seats inspected, they're installed properly and we strapped the kids in properly so they're safe right? I can't even imagine. My heart goes out to their family.

on a side note, where are the pics for dec in review?

1/9/07, 8:42 PM  

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