Saturday, February 10, 2007

Phonetic mishaps

Carson is a typical two year old in some ways. She doesn't always pronounce things correctly, but it doesn't bother me; I know she'll get it right eventually. Cody, however, thinks that Carson's mispronunciations must be corrected immediately lest she become an outcast from society. And by "she" I mean Cody. She is just mortified when Carson mutilates a perfectly good word. This makes what happened yesterday so wonderfully ironic:

Carson was playing with dolls who didn't have any clothes on. She described them as maked (may-ked). Cody heaved an overly dramatic sigh and rolled her eyes in classic Cody fashion and said, "Carson, it's not may-ked! First you make a sound like a horse, and then you say ked. So it's like neigh-ked. See?"

Makes perfect sense to me.

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Blogger karin said...

Makes sense to me too! hahaha

2/13/07, 5:27 AM  

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