Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Loveliness

The weather was not conducive to Easter egg hunts this year. It was wet and drizzly and very, very cold. It did not deter the children though; they were continuously on the lookout for the only bunny in the world who lays eggs. Probably never going to understand that. Anyway, my little brother and I ran madly around my mom's front yard throwing the eggs wherever. It took us about four and a half minutes to "hide" 60 eggs.
I really wanted to go outside and take Easter pictures of the kids together. I took pains to make sure they all matched each other and everything. It was way too cold to ask them to sit outside for that long, not to mention that the girls had tights on with their sandals. Yes, I have officially become one of those mothers. I did take some individuals of them and I guess we'll go take group ones later when it warms up again.


Blogger karin said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! They all look great!!

4/10/07, 4:43 AM  

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