Friday, March 16, 2007

Big City Fun

We just got back from a little trip to visit my older brother Billy, sister-in-law Kim, and nephew Hayden. I'm kicking myself now for not getting a picture of them as a family. They live in a big city so shopping and eating are great fun there. They also have a pool and hot tub in their backyard so we did some relaxing too.

Hayden trying to steal Billy's pacifier.

I think the funniest event of the trip happened on the very first day. Carson went outside with Billy so that he could do some maintenance on the pool. She asked him if it would be ok for her to get in and he told her that it was still a little too chilly for the pool but that we would get in the hot tub later. Apparently she heard something different. She came running back toward the house removing her clothing at the same time. It happened so fast that none of us had a chance to react. There she was, completely naked and running back toward the pool. I knew she wouldn't just jump in and it's a good thing because we were all laughing too hard to stop her. Eventually we did get a swimsuit on her.

We had a great time shopping at outlet stores and at IKEA!! I love Ikea and would totally move in there if I could. You know that movie where the girl lives in the Wal-Mart? That's me. In Ikea. They even have baby food there. We'd be all set. Someday I'll write an entire post dedicated to the wonder that is Ikea.

Bill and Kim have a wonderful rat terrier named Katie who makes me want a dog so bad I could cry. And I hate crying. She is so playful and snugly and awesome with the kids. Memphis thought she was a chew toy and she just looked at him, licked the perpetual drool drip off of his bottom lip and went on her way. She kept Carson busy running and chasing and Carson kept her busy with the trail of yummy crumbs she leaves in her wake. We are in the process of trying to bring home a dog of our own. Cross you fingers for us.

Baby Hayden is about 2 months younger than Memphis and is very much a little gentleman. He is highly introspective and logical. He is a snuggle bug and likes his BabyFirst television channel a lot. I want to shoot BabyFirst television. I went to visit them back in October and came home singing this song:

Mommy comes back,

She always comes back,

She never will forget me!

Carson thought the words were:

Mommy comes back,

She never comes back,

She always will forget me!

Anyway, this time I have another song stuck in my head and it may very well be worse than mommy comes back. It goes:

Warm, cold, cold, warm,

Help me find the acorn.

Oh my gosh. Now I know why parents go crazy. It's all the animated animals singing about mommies and acorns.

Hayden is coming to stay with me for about a week in May and I can't help but wonder how he will cope without BabyFirst tv. Maybe Baby Einstein will save us.

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